“Winnette moves in and out of plot as if to deny the very idea of plot, yet adores narrative so ardently he fills every space with a new tale or idea. Let him be the historian of a young nation yet unseen."

—Jesse Ball, author of The Curfew


In two artfully crafted novellas, Colin Winnette offers a sly and sinister portrayal of lineage and loss.

Written in a seamless, entrancing style, Gainesville follows the twisted branches of a restless family tree in a small Texas town.

In One Story, The Two Sisters is woven from an array of beautifully haunting short stories. It details the lives of two sisters, both cast as wildly imaginative entities, each more bizarre than the next. The result is an entertaining, skillful meditation on art, love, family, the creative impulse, and what can and cannot be communicated in a story, or in a life.

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