TJOTW is a January Indie Next Pick!

The American Booksellers Association picked The Job of the Wasp as one of January 2017's Indie Next picks! Grab a copy at your nearest local bookstore, or travel somewhere you've always wanted to go and snag one there! 

“What is it that stories about adolescent boys and orphanages so often seem abnormally rife with tragedy, allure, and horror? Such is the setting for Colin Winnette’s fantastic new novel, which follows a boy recently admitted to such an institution, only to uncover a murder mystery that will cause him to question his own existence and purpose. Winnette successfully balances an atmosphere of the fantastic alongside the gritty reality of 30-odd orphaned boys and their headmaster, creating a world where answers are nearly impossible to manufacture and wild theories percolate. Lord of the Flies meets Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone in this incredibly haunting book, which might leave you wondering about the possibility of the paranormal within your own life. You’ve been warned; now pick it up.”

—John Gibbs, Green Apple Books on the Park, San Francisco, CA